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Our research interests focus on the directional magnetic interactions and magnetization dynamics in magnetic nanoparticles and nanostructures.
The fundamental understanding of anisotropy and interactions in magnetic nanostructures is indispensable for a rational development of nanomaterials for future applications, such as nanoprobes with defined magnetization relaxation for medical applications or magnetic entities with optimized magnetic switching behavior for electromagnetic sensors. In our interdisciplinary approach we combine the preparation of novel nanoscale materials and mesoscopic nanostructures with investigation of their physical (i.e. magnetic) properties. Main characterization tools are complementary X-ray and neutron scattering techniques, with a focus on polarized neutrons as a probe for spatially and time-resolved magnetization.

In this context, our field of study comprises key aspects of both soft condensed matter research, such as interactions in colloidal dispersions and self-organization, and hard condensed matter research, including nanoscale magnetism, magnetization dynamics, and the structural characterization of (nano)crystalline materials.